Our Campfire range is especially designed with adventures of a smaller nature in mind. From woodland forage to beachside BBQ, these are stoves that bring culinary delight to the great outdoors. They are light enough to carry in one-hand, compact enough to fit in a kayak and they are all big enough to feed family and friends.

A portable campsite

It’s hard to beat the taste of an outdoor meal. But cooking up a feast for friends and family in the outdoors usually means hauling along bulky and heavy equipment. Well, not any more. We create Camping Stoves and gear that has capacity for real cooking yet is designed to be light and compact enough to easily carry along. Because we want you to dine outside wherever you want to wether it's in the park, from a van, at a cabin in the woods, the backyard, next to the kayak or off the sailing boat, next to the climbing cliff... You get the point. Dining out with friends and family should be easy. 


Cutting Set

Cut, prepare and cook with the outdoor “Mise en place”. A Prep set with all the necessities to prepare a great meal in the outdoors. A durable oak spatula, spoon & fork together with a stainless steel grater and knife in a polycotton wrap, use it both rolled out or hanging. Once the cooking is done, wrap it up and take care of it when at home.
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Genuine workhorses designed to withstand years and years of service. With its aluminum core for optimal heat transfer these pots are best suitable for gourmets who enjoy culinary outings with friends and family.

The Campfire Pots does not ship, dent, rust or stain easily. They are made to withstand the toughest of trips year after year. And did you know, stainless steel is completely recyclable.

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