Pole section - H6 long 2pc

Tent arc sections in 2 pack to H6, Long, Silver

24,95 €

Tent H6 Pole Short

Tent pole (short/silver) for Bifrost H6.

24,95 €

Lantern Glass - Tor Sr & Munin

Glas for Tor Sr and Minun 110x115 mm lanterns

7,95 €

P.O.L Adaptor for 3501/4400 (P/PA Canisters)

Adapter for connecting LPG bottles with P.O.L connection, e.g. PC5, PC10, P6 and P11. Fits...

25,95 €

Loke Heater

Primus's infrared heater has a high output and can maintain a comfortable temperature for ...

74,95 €

Tent Pegs (pack of 10)

Nickel plated steel sticks

12,95 €