The easiest way to start a fire is with great heat and great power. This also has the adva...

54,95 €

Ignition Steel Small

The Ignition steel is the optimal way of starting a fire or lighting your stove in all wea...

12,95 €

Ignition Steel Large

The Ignition steel is the optimal way of starting a fire or lighting your stove in all wea...

19,95 €


Collapsible toaster in stainless steel. The mesh net evenly distributes the heat over the ...

15,95 €


A classic lantern that's quiet and soot-free and ready to light any campsite.

59,95 €

MicronLantern Steel Mesh

A rugged and lightweight lantern to illuminate any backpacking adventure.

84,95 €

EasyLight Piezo Duo

Compact lantern with a classic look and rounded glass for maximum illumination.

74,95 €

Loke Heater

Primus's infrared heater has a high output and can maintain a comfortable temperature for ...

74,95 €

Bag for Tupike & Kinjia

Waterproof, easy-to-clean transportation for your double burner stove! This durable Carry ...

69,95 €

CampFire Cooler Bag

The Cooler is an insulated variant of our Utility Sack, perfect for the smaller adventure ...

64,95 €

CampFire Cooler Backpack

The cooler backpack is an insulated backpack for all your favorite camping food. Fill it w...

109,95 €

CampFire Utility Sack

This versatile bag will make camp life easier. Thanks to a watertight roll top and a coate...

31,95 €

Ice Pack

A smaller roll-top bag made of PU-coated polyester to be filled with ice and used in combi...

21,95 €

Grill Grate - Kuchuma

Grill grate for Kuchoma

44,95 €

Bag for Kuchoma

The carrying case is the perfect bag for carrying your Kuchoma grill. As it's designed as ...

54,95 €

CampFire Stool

A foldable stool with a frame made of 7075 aluminum and an insulated, warming seat in poly...

54,95 €

CampFire Table

The 7075 aluminum frame and the reinforced polycotton fabric top makes this table a sturdy...

129,95 €

Bifrost H6

Primus Bifrost H6 is a roomy tent with sleeping space for 4-6 people and a standing height...

749,95 €