CampFire Apron

Protect your clothes from grease and soot while showing off for your friends in style. Mad...

54,95 €

OpenFire Spatula

Spatula for outdoor cooking OpenFire Spatula is a big spatula with a wooden handle. A cook...

26,95 €

Skewers 6 pcs

These skewers are great for easy cooking over open fire or use in the Kuchoma Grill. The f...

20,95 €

CampFire Knife Large

CampFire Knife is designed as a proper chefs knife with stainless steel blade and oak hand...

32,95 €

FieldChef Knife

Chefs knife for outdoor cooking. Cut, chop or fillet? FieldChef Knife is a versatile knife...

21,95 €

Leisure Cutlery

Spoon, knife and fork made of high-quality stainless steel, with a design that makes them ...

12,95 €

Folding Spork

Primus foldable spork is an ultra light combined spoon and fork made in PC-plastic. The sp...

1,95 €

TrailBreak Lunch Jug Large

A great lunch transport solution that keeps salads cold or your pasta hot.

31,95 €

TrailBreak Lunch Jug Small

A great lunch transport solution that keeps salads cold or your pasta hot.

29,95 €

Pippi Meal Set

A complete five-piece set that includes everything a young adventurer needs in order to ea...

21,95 €


The Long Spoon, now even longer with an added 30 millimeters to the handle. This is a vers...

10,95 €

Meal Set

A complete eight-piece set that includes everything you need to eat out in the great outdo...

21,95 €

FieldChef Pocket Knife

Versatile compact folding knife. Fieldchef Pocket knife is a compact folding knife that is...

52,95 €

Food Vacuum Bottle 1.5L Black

Bring lunch with you with this double walled vacuum insulated container.

47,95 €


Primus PowerLighter with a narrow flame makes it simple to light your stove or camp fire. ...

24,95 €

CampFire Plate Tritan

Campfire Plate Lightweight is a plate in durable plastic. Made in Tritan®, this plate is p...

5,95 €

Lightweight TrailCutlery Tritan

Super lightweight cutlery set Lightweight TrailCutlery Tritan® is a featherlight cutlery s...

8,95 €

TrailSpork Tritan

Super lightweight all in one fork, knife and spoon TrailSpork Tritan® plastic that weighs ...

2,95 €