Because in extreme conditions
you need gear to rely on

Designed for serious adventures across extreme conditions our Expedition range takes pride in reliability. Quality without compromise these are easy to run, easy to maintain stoves that ensure hot and adventure sustaining food is always close at hand. 


Our expedition stoves are designed for those looking for expedition gear with maximum reliability for extreme conditions. The weight of a liquid fuel stove is minimized without compromising on performance and durability. As the stoves are constructed with few and interchangeable parts, they are easily served out in the mountains. The controls are well proportioned and designed to be handled also with thick gloves.


For over 125 years our products have been tested and trusted in the harshest of environments. We take great pride in ensuring all our products meet superior quality and that they will, with the proper maintenance provide years and years of service. In the unlikely event your expedition stove should fail under use due to defect in materials or workmanship we will do our best to help you out by sending you spare parts, repair it or replace it.

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Your stove is "Exploration Ready"

Our expedition and trekking stoves goes through a final check before leaving our factory. Every single one of them is hand-tested - we check them for leaks, light them and make sure they burn just the way they should. This means there may appear tarnishes around the burner when you take them out of the box. These small marks are our assurance that your new stove is in perfect working order and ready for years of reliable, safe service.

This is what we call "Exploration Ready" and as a proof that your expedition or trekking stove is tested there is an attached Exploration Ready hangtag on your stove signed by the person that tested at your stove.

OmniLite Ti

our most sold expedition stove

OmniLite Ti is based on the same technology as our award-winning OmniFuel and is constructed to handle demanding situations and environments. This stove is just as reliable and robust, but smaller, lighter and much more fuel-efficient.


Omnilite Ti silencer

Attach this small accessory and listen to the undisturbed sounds of the wilderness – even while cooking! When using LP-gas or white gas, OmniLite Ti can be fitted with this silencer that transforms it into a silent stove.