Transparency and guidelines

We are determined to make a difference. Talking about sustainability is one thing, but for real change, action is required. That is why we continue to focus on efficiency, durability and recyclability. 


Fenix Outdoor is an internationally active group focused on products for nature and an outdoor lifestyle. A group with a strong focus on getting people to spend more time in nature. This also comes with a responsibility and interest in the least possible impact on the environment. In order to strengthen the commitment to sustainable development, the sustainability policy called The Fenix Way has been developed. A document that guides us in our work and in the decisions we make. The work is symbolised by a compass where the four directions are Nature and the Environment, Economy and Business Processes, Social Responsibility and Well-Being. By following these guidelines in our work, whatever the size, we are leading the development towards the sustainable goals we have set. You can read more about our own and Fenix Outdoor’s sustainability work in the document The Fenix Way

As part of the Fenix Outdoor Group, we are also members of the Fair Labour Association (FLA). The FLA is a collaborative effort by universities, companies, non-profit organisations and government agencies dedicated to improving the working conditions of subcontractors around the world. The FLA not only conducts independent reviews and evaluations of companies and production conditions, but also offers support and training to improve conditions.

We also follow the Paris Agreement when it comes to reducing our emissions. In addition, there are other projects and goals that we share within the Group, which can be found at Other goals that are specific to us are, for example, that we are phasing out PVC and fossil-based plastics in the near future.


An important part of our environmental work is transparency. Fenix Outdoor has published a list of all manufacturing partners that the companies within the group work with. You can also find all our sustainability reports here.