Supply chain

Almost all our stoves are now assembled in our factory in Estonia on the other side of the Baltic Sea. This means that we can maintain the high quality of our products and transport both smarter and more efficiently by boat. In addition, EU legislation on environmental and labour law applies, which guarantees a high minimum level. We always try, where possible, to design our products and components so that they can be efficiently transported. For example, the lids of our stoves in the Campfire range can be stacked together during transport until assembly.Most of our subcontractors are located in China, South Korea and Taiwan. Products and components are transported by boat to either our factory in Estonia for assembly or directly to our warehouse in the Netherlands. Products that are to be sold in Japan or the US, for example, and which do not need to be assembled, such as our bottles, are shipped directly from our suppliers. We are members of the FLA, the Fair Labour Association, which works to improve the working conditions of subcontractors around the world. The FLA not only conducts independent reviews and evaluations, but also offers support and training to improve conditions. Below is a list of our TIER 1 suppliers.

TIER 1 Suppliers

We are continuously assessing the possibilities of using subcontractors in Europe.

Among others, we use a plastic supplier in Sweden for the production of our plastic parts made of bio-based plastics.