It all started in a small forge in central Stockholm in 1892 where two men named Frans W. Lindqvist and Johan Victor Svenson sought to find the solution to the sooty kerosene stove of the time. Together, they created the world’s first soot-free stove that boiled water seven times faster and was much healthier than previous stoves. The pioneering invention came to be called Primus, which is Latin for “first”. Even today, we strive to create more efficient stoves that not only last a lifetime (or longer), but that also leave as little impact on both the environment and people as possible. 


At Primus, we have a production philosophy that is about creating products that reduce the need to buy new. The longer a Primus product lasts, the lower the climate impact. The cornerstones of our production are thus sustainability and efficiency:


Designed to withstand all types of conditions, you can rely on your Primus product even during extreme adventures and then pass it on to the next generation. Our products are also designed to be easily repaired in the event that they get worn out or broken. This is why we store spare parts for both new and old products so that the product's lifespan is further extended.


A Primus stove must not only last a long time in terms of design, but also meet reliability requirements in terms of use. This allows you to cook your food as quickly as possible, carry as little gas as possible with you and at the same time, have as little impact on the environment as possible.

Our long-term sustainability initiatives

Our vision is to set new standards for outdoor cooking. We strive to make each adventure even more sustainable through efficient, recyclable and environmentally friendly materials. To get there, we have defined different steps: 

Climate-positive stoves

Our long-term goal is to develop a climate-positive stove. Until then, we are dedicated to making our stoves as energy efficient as possible.

Hiring and sharing

We want our products to take part in as many adventures as possible. Today, we support various projects with our products, but we aim to create hiring and sharing hubs so that our products can reach even more people.

Renewable fuel

Our long-term goal is to implement renewable fuel and phase out fossil fuel as well as fossil-based plastics.