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In 2022, we are celebrating being a part of people’s adventures for over 130 years with a collection of heritage logo gear complete with a special packaging featuring original graphics from the early days of Primus. This production run is limited so make sure to get your collector’s edition now.
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Moja Stove

For the times when one extra burner would be nice or is just enough, the Moja Single burner stove is the perfect solution.

Lite XL Stove System

A larger version of the Lite Plus, this compact, lightweight and fuel-efficient top-mounted kitchen solution easily makes enough for 2 people in the backcountry or on the big wall.

Lite XL Pot 1.0 L (34 oz)

A larger fuel-efficient pot to cook larger quantities with the Lite or Lite Plus Stove Systems.

Express Stove & Express Stove Piezo

A unique combination of lightweight and durability with foldable design easily packs up but is perfect for big pots when in use.

Express Stove


Express Stove Piezo


Preppen Vacuum Jug

The Preppen Vacuum Jug makes any food break a breeze. Fill it with a soup, spicy noodles, or some gazpacho and your meal is always ready to be served

Commuter Mug

Koppen Mug