Essential Stove Set 1.3L

All-in-one cooking kit made to feed the family and friends on outdoor adventures.

129,95 €

Essential Stove Set 2.3L

All-in-one cooking kit made to feed the family and friends on outdoor adventures.

149,95 €

Lite Plus Stove System

Compact, lightweight and fuel efficient top-mounted kitchen solution for 1-2 people, for a...

144,95 €

Atle Stove

Feed your family at the campground with this robust 2 burner camping stove.

219,95 €

Kamoto OpenFire Pit

Create that campfire feeling wherever you want, the portable Kamoto Fire Pit can be used a...

179,95 €

CampFire Cutlery Set

Cutlery Set in 18/8 stainless steel including knife, fork and spoon. All packs up tight an...

13,95 €

CampFire Cutting Set

A convenient set that makes prepping food in the outdoors a breeze. It consists of a cutti...

74,95 €

Klunken Vacuum Bottle 0.5L

A double-wall stainless steel water bottle that matches and fits into the side pocket of y...

36,95 €

Klunken Bottle 0.7L

Match your Kånken with your Klunken. A durable single-wall stainless steel water bottle th...

31,95 €

4-Season Mug 0.3L

A durable, double-walled mug in polished high-quality 18/8 stainless steel.

12,95 €

Kåsa Mug Stainless steel

A double-walled small mug that travels from city coffee shop to backcountry streams with e...

15,95 €

TrailBreak EX 1.0L

An expedition vacuum bottle with a silicone sleeve that protects fingers and hands from fr...

49,95 €

TrailBreak Lunch Jug Large

A great lunch transport solution that keeps salads cold or your pasta hot.

31,95 €

TrailBottle 0.6L Stainless Steel

A durable stainless steel bottle that is at home on daily walks, weekend excursions, or ex...

24,95 €

TrailBottle 1.0L Stainless Steel

Add a bit of color when you bring your beverage with you to work, to the picnic or on your...

26,95 €

LiTech Coffee/Tea Kettle 0.9L

This lightweight coffee/tea kettle made of hard-anodized aluminium is a lovely attribute w...

26,95 €

CampFire Plate Stainless Steel

Durable and everlasting Campfire plates in food grade 18/8 stainless steel. 21 cm in diame...

13,95 €

LiTech Trek Kettle

This lightweight 1 litre pot and frying pan is perfect for both big and small adventures. ...

39,95 €