A part of people’s adventures since 1892 

Primus has been celebrating innovation and outdoor cooking for the past 130 years. It all started in 1892 when F.W. Lindquist and J.V. Svenson produced the first soot-free stove in Stockholm, Sweden. Since then and for over a century we’ve encouraged time in nature, fueled activities, and produced hot meals to recharge.
We have met and will continue to meet the needs of adventurers all over the world. To supply reliable cooking equipment that enables expeditions to the world’s highest mountains and most remote places with extreme conditions or for relaxing weekend adventures close by. It is about enabling long and lasting experiences in nature for everyone. 
We will continue to create cooking gear that helps fuel adventures. We have kept the fire burning for 130 years and we are fired up for another 130 more. 


In 2022, we are celebrating being a part of people’s adventures for over 130 years with a collection of heritage logo gear complete with a special packaging featuring original graphics from the early days of Primus. This production run is limited so make sure to get your collector’s edition now.


In the 1880’s, the need for a soot-free and more efficient cooking option was noticed so in 1892 F.W. Lindquist and J.V. Svenson produced the first Primus No. 1 stove in Stockholm, Sweden to address this concern. In previous stoves kerosene was burned via a wick placed in the fuel, thus creating a sooty and yellow flame. In the new Primus No. 1 pressure stove, the kerosene mixed with oxygen and evaporated during its circulation through a burner that was heated beforehand. This “air-mixed gas” ignites and burns with a soot free blue flame, resulting in a stove that boiled a liter of water seven times faster. We are excited to say that we can still find Primus No. 1 stoves that continue to work. 


Some of our favorite adventures 

1897 - The Andree expedition packs a Primus stove and attempts to reach the North Pole. 
1911 - Roald Amundsen packs a Primus stove and heads south to the pole. 
1915 - Sir Ernest Shackleton uses Primus stoves to feed the crew of the James Caird, a lifeboat from the ice-locked Endurance Ship. 
1953 - Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay bring a Primus stove up Mount Everest. 
1996 - Göran Kropp uses a Primus stove when he bicycled to Mount Everest and back after summiting. 
2006 - Renata Chlumska departs on a 480-day self-supported adventure traveling on bike and in kayak, equipped with a Primus stove. 

Since developing the Primus No. 1, we have met the needs of adventurers all over the world–to supply reliable cooking equipment that enables expeditions to the world’s highest mountains, travel to far-off places with extreme conditions, or for relaxing weekend adventures.