Vacuum Bottle Care

Warm or cold - for how long?

How long your drink will keep its temperature in your vacuum flask will depend not only on what kind of flask you are using, but also the size of it and what temperature it has when filling up the flask. On the left, you can see three different graphs showing how the temperature will change during a period of 24 hours in our Vacuum flasks, Make sure the beverage is 97° C when first pouring it into the flask. Notice how it differs when comparing a 0.35 liter flask with a 1 liter flask.

Clean your vacuum bottle

Clean it after every use, using a dish brush and washing up liquid. You can remove the seals in the stopper and clean them separately. If the product is difficult to get clean, use dishwasher detergent or bicarbonate/baking soda together with water and let it soak overnight.

Please, do not wash your vacuum flask in the dishwasher as the coating could become discolored. Also as the small opening doesnt let enough water into the flask to clean it properly. 

Vacuum Bottles