Kinjia Stove

Compact, light and designed to be easily transported, this 2 burner gas stove can deliver ...

199,95 €

Mimer Stove Kit

The Mimer Kit offers a classic trekking kitchen for a family in the backcountry. Quickly a...

59,95 €

Onja Stove DUO

This unique and compact 2 burner stove calls back to memories of childhood campground meal...

169,95 €

Atle Stove

This classic 2 burner stove feeds the family (and even the extended family) with ease. A r...

199,95 €

Essential Trail Kit

The Essential Trail Kit is a perfect trekking kitchen created for solo camping novices or ...

59,95 €

Service Kit – Power & Spider MF

Service Kit for Eta Power MF

19,95 €

OmniLite Ti Silencer

Attach this small accessory and listen to the undisturbed sounds of the wilderness, even w...

59,95 €

Piezo igniter - Express Stove and Micron Stove

Piezo for Express Stove and Micron Stove

14,95 €

Piezo igniter - TechnoTrail

Piezo for TechnoTrail with holder

14,95 €

Piezo Igniter - Mimer Lantern

Piezo for Mimer Lantern

14,95 €

Piezo - Handheld T-style

Handheld Piezo with nozzle tool

14,95 €

Spider MultiFuel Kit

This Multifuel Kit transforms your Spider Stove Set or Express Sprider Stove to a multifue...

69,95 €

Piezo Igniter - Tupike

Piezo for Tupike stoves

19,95 €

Piezo Igniter - MicronTrail & PowerTrail

Piezo for MicronTrail and PowerTrail

12,95 €

Jet Nipple - Frigg (Butane)

5,95 €

Spindle - OmniFuel

Spindle with O-ring for Omnifuel. 5-pack.

59,95 €

Jet Nipple 0,25 - OmniLite Ti

Jet nozzle for OmniLite Ti. 0.25mm for Kerosene and Diesel. 5- pack

19,95 €

Fuel bottle 0.35L Red

Ultra light fuel bottle of seamless extruded aluminium and lacquered inside to give the bo...

17,95 €