Fuel bottle 0.35L Red

Ultra light fuel bottle of seamless extruded aluminium and lacquered inside to give the bo...

17,95 €

OpenFire Pack Sack

Smart outdoor bag for transport and storage OpenFire Packsack is a smart accessory for the...

34,95 €

Service Kit - VariFuel & MultiFuel (Himalayan)

Service Kit for VariFuel and Himalayan MultiFuel

19,95 €

Regulator with valve, M16x1.5 (CG) / 8 mm

Regulator 30mBar for CG bottles M16x1,5

15,95 €

Suspension Kit for 4-leg Stoves

Suspension Kit for those who want to take a break on the mountainside or cook on board a b...

19,95 €

Service Kit - Fuel Pump

Service Kit for ErgoPump, includes leather packing, O-ring, silicone grease and parts for ...

16,95 €

Service Kit – Gravity II MF

Service kit for Gravity II MF

19,95 €

Plastic Bushing - Pump

Plastic bushing that centers the pump bar, all pumps

9,95 €

Piezo igniter - Micron Lantern

Piezo for Micron Lantern

14,95 €

Service Kit – Power & Spider MF

Service Kit for Eta Power MF

19,95 €

Piezo Igniter for Mimer Stove

Piezo for Mimer Stove / Classic Trail

12,95 €

Piezo igniter - TechnoTrail

Piezo for TechnoTrail with holder

14,95 €

Piezo igniter - Express Stove and Micron Stove

Piezo for Express Stove and Micron Stove

14,95 €

Bag for Kuchoma

The carrying case is the perfect bag for carrying your Kuchoma grill. As it's designed as ...

49,95 €

OmniLite Ti Silencer

Attach this small accessory and listen to the undisturbed sounds of the wilderness, even w...

59,95 €

Sholder Strap - Onja

Shoulder Strap for Onja

19,95 €

Textile Cover - Onja

Textile Cover for Onja

29,95 €


Base plate for Primus stoves. Stove Paw Ti is an essential accessory for hose mounted stov...

49,95 €