Regulator with valve, M16x1.5 (CG) / 8 mm

Regulator 30mBar for CG bottles M16x1,5

17,95 €

OmniLite Ti Silencer

Attach this small accessory and listen to the undisturbed sounds of the wilderness, even w...

64,95 €

Hose with Regulator - Atle

Hose with Regulator for Atle, Atle II, Atle 2B

39,95 €

Hose with Valve - Expedition stoves and EasyFuel

Hose with valve for OmniFuel, OmniLite Ti, MultiFuel and EasyFuel

34,95 €

EtaPower MultiFuel Kit

ETA Power Multifuel Kit transforms your gas stove to a multifuel stove. This kit is compat...

74,95 €

Regulator with valve - 30 mbar

Regulator 30mBar for Gas bottles models 2012, 2006 and 2000, conical connection for 8mm ho...

17,95 €

Hose - 1/4" Connection

Hose 80cm with 1/4" connection in both ends.

8,95 €

Hose with Valve - Gravity, Spider & Power Stove Set

Hose with valve for Gravity, Spider Stove Set and Power Stove Set

32,95 €

ErgoPump - VariFuel Stoves

Pump with bayonet socket for VariFuel, and stoves that can only be run on liquid fuel.

69,95 €

ErgoPump - Expedition Stoves & MF Converted Stoves

Pump for stoves that can run on both gas and liquid fuel

64,95 €

Regulator 30 mbar with POL inlet

Regulator 30mBar for Gas bottles with POL Valve (PC5,PC10,P6,P11)

17,95 €

Adapter 16,4oz - P.O.L with hose

Hose with regulator and connection for gas bottles with POL valve

42,95 €

Jet Nipple 0,43 - PowerCook

Jet nipple 0.43 for Power Cook

19,95 €

Adapter DIN Combi - Tupike, Kinjia & Kuchoma

Adapter for connecting LPG bottles with DIN Kombi connection. Fits Kinjia, Tupike & Kuchom...

21,95 €