16.4 OZ Adaptor for 3501/4400 (Propane canisters US)

Adapter for connection of American 16.4oz Propane bottle. Fits Kinjia, Kuchoma and Tupike.

21,95 €

Adapter 16,4oz - P.O.L with hose

Hose with regulator and connection for gas bottles with POL valve

42,95 €

Adapter DIN Combi - Tupike, Kinjia & Kuchoma

Adapter for connecting LPG bottles with DIN Kombi connection. Fits Kinjia, Tupike & Kuchom...

21,95 €

Adapter M16x1.5

Adapter for connection of LPG bottles with M16x1.5 connection, Eg. CampinGaz R901, R904 & ...

21,95 €

Bag for Kuchoma

The carrying case is the perfect bag for carrying your Kuchoma grill. As it's designed as ...

54,95 €

Bag for Tupike & Kinjia

Waterproof, easy-to-clean transportation for your double burner stove! This durable Carry ...

69,95 €

Burner - Kuchoma

Burner for Kuchoma

21,95 €

Burner Top - OmniLite Ti

Burner body to OmniLite.

29,95 €

CampFire Griddle plate

A griddle plate made from die casted aluminium for even heat distribution. The non stick s...

42,95 €

Canister Stand

The Canister Stand is made from 94 % bio-based plastic and fiber glass blend, produced loc...

11,95 €

Circlip type E

Holder for priming pad on MultiFuel, OmniFuel and OmniLite Ti, as well as for burners on E...

4,95 €

Cleaning needle

Cleaning needle for the multitool comes in 2-pack.

4,95 €

Cleaning Wire - Gravity

Cleaning Wire for Gravity

19,95 €