Stove body - OmniLite

Stove body for OmniLite Ti

144,95 €

Spider MultiFuel Kit

This Multifuel Kit transforms your Spider Stove Set or Express Sprider Stove to a multifue...

74,95 €

EtaPower MultiFuel Kit

ETA Power Multifuel Kit transforms your gas stove to a multifuel stove. This kit is compat...

74,95 €

Gravity MultiFuel Kit

Gravity Multifuel Kit transforms your gas stove to a multifuel stove. This kit is upgrades...

74,95 €

ErgoPump - VariFuel Stoves

Pump with bayonet socket for VariFuel, and stoves that can only be run on liquid fuel.

69,95 €

Bag for Tupike & Kinjia

Waterproof, easy-to-clean transportation for your double burner stove! This durable Carry ...

69,95 €

OmniLite Ti Silencer

Attach this small accessory and listen to the undisturbed sounds of the wilderness, even w...

64,95 €

ErgoPump - Expedition Stoves & MF Converted Stoves

Pump for stoves that can run on both gas and liquid fuel

64,95 €

Spindle - OmniFuel

Spindle with O-ring for Omnifuel. 5-pack.

59,95 €


Base plate for Primus stoves. Stove Paw Ti is an essential accessory for hose mounted stov...

54,95 €


The easiest way to start a fire is with great heat and great power. This also has the adva...

54,95 €

Bag for Kuchoma

The carrying case is the perfect bag for carrying your Kuchoma grill. As it's designed as ...

54,95 €

Stove Body - OmniFuel II & MultiFuel III

Stove body for OmniFuel II and MultiFuel II

54,95 €

Stove body - Multifuel & Omnifuel

Body for OmniFuel and MultiFuel

49,95 €

Hose With Regulator - Tupike & Kinjia

Hose with regulator for Kinjia and Tupike stoves

49,95 €

Stove Body - EasyFuel, VariFuel and Himalayan MultiFuel

Body for EasyFuel, VariFuel and Himalayan MultiFuell

49,95 €

Grill Grate - Kuchuma

Grill grate for Kuchoma

44,95 €