Piezo igniter - Express Stove and Micron Stove

Piezo for Express Stove and Micron Stove

16,95 €

Piezo Igniter - Mimer Lantern

Piezo for Mimer Lantern

16,95 €

Piezo Igniter - MicronTrail & PowerTrail

Piezo for MicronTrail and PowerTrail

14,95 €

Hose with Valve - Gravity, Spider & Power Stove Set

Hose with valve for Gravity, Spider Stove Set and Power Stove Set

32,95 €

Hose With Regulator - Tupike & Kinjia

Hose with regulator for Kinjia and Tupike stoves

49,95 €

Jet Nipple 0,39 - Power Cook

Jet nipple 0.39 for Power Cook

19,95 €


Base plate for Primus stoves. Stove Paw Ti is an essential accessory for hose mounted stov...

54,95 €

Loke Heater

Primus's infrared heater has a high output and can maintain a comfortable temperature for ...

74,95 €

PrimeTech Lid L - PrimeTech 2.3L Pot

A lid in transparent Tritan® for PrimeTech pot 2.3 L. The lid has an integrated strainer a...

14,95 €

Priming pad - Power & Spider MF

Priming pad for ETA Power, Power Stove Set and Spider Stove Set

7,95 €

Jet Nipple 0,32 - OmniLite Ti

Jet nozzle for OmniLite Ti. 0.32mm for Petrol / Gasoline, 5-pack

19,95 €

Aeril Small

The Aeril Small has all the smart features of the Primus Aeril Large, but in a smaller for...

109,95 €

Stove body - Multifuel & Omnifuel

Body for OmniFuel and MultiFuel

49,95 €

Gasket - EasyFuel, VariFuel & MultiFuel (Himalayan)

Disc for under the burner of EasyFuel, EasyFuel Duo, VariFuel and Himalayan MultiFuel

9,95 €

Kamoto OpenFire Pit Large

Create that campfire feeling wherever you want, the portable Kamoto Fire Pit can be used a...

199,95 €

Fuel Bottle 1.0L Red

Ultra light fuel bottle of seamless extruded aluminium and lacquered inside to give the bo...

24,95 €

Piezo - Handheld T-style

Handheld Piezo with nozzle tool

16,95 €