Engineered for those adventurers with a bit more of an ambitious step in their foot. Our fuel efficient Trekking range ensures freshbrewed coffee and good, hot meals however long your road is. Our Trekking stoves are not just low in consumption and high in efficiency but also small and light in your backpack.

A shortcut to adventure

Here at Primus, we believe that cooking is an important part of creating a memorable experience. We believe that a bowl of soup or a cup of hot chocolate can do wonders for the overall experience. And wewant to persuade more people to try it, because we want the world to get to know and experience all the things we love about nature. Which is why we have produced a trekking range that’s very easy to use. Or in simple terms, a range that is a shortcut to adventure.

“The goal of the new range is to offer products that are suitable, whatever the occasion, when you’re heading on out. Whether you simply want to make your picnic a bit more special, or you are heading off on a week-long trek, these products are just what you need.”

- Eric Svartström, Head of R&D at Primus.


The Secret behind Primus Fuel Efficiency Technology

40 percent, that’s the efficiency rate for a conventional stove. Primus fuel efficient PrimeTech stoves gives an efficiency rate that’s nearly doubled compared to a conventional stove.
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