Terms and conditions for the use of your materials - #YesPrimus

These are the terms and conditions with which we (Primus AB, Box 209, 89125 Örnsköldsvik, Sweden) get your permission to use your pictures or videos (materials) on our website, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Our right of use:

When you give us a non-exclusive permission to use your materials, the permission only applies to the pictures and videos you have at that time marked with the #YesPrimus hashtag.

The permission includes the right to use, distribute, modify, copy and communicate the materials to the public. The permission also covers any texts you may have used in association with the materials.

What this means in practice is that you give us a permission to use your materials on our Instagram and Facebook accounts. If we would like to use your materials elsewhere, we will ask for a separate permission from you.

Non-exclusive means that you will remain free to use the materials as you want and that you may also allow others to use the same materials.

We will not modify your materials except by cropping it, for example if the materials are displayed in a square format.

Also, we will not and do not have the right to transfer the materials or our rights in the materials to a third party.

Your confirmations:

It is important for us to know that you own all rights. We need to ensure this to avoid situation where you, for example, have already sold the materials to anyone that has an exclusive permission to avoid that we infringe anyone else’s rights by using your materials.

You therefore confirm that you have taken the pictures or shot the videos. If you haven’t, you confirm that the person who took the picture or shot the video has agreed that you can give us this permission to use the materials.

If you are not alone in the pictures or videos, you confirm that you have the permission from the others to grant us the right to use the materials.

You understand that we do not pay for the permission to use the materials.

You understand that we cannot control what others may do with the materials. We are not responsible for any actions of others in relation to the materials, especially outside of our social media accounts, for example if the materials are used without your permission.

You confirm that you are 18 or older.

Removal request:

Your permission is valid until further notice, even if you remove the #YesPrimus hashtag from the materials. If you wish us to remove your materials from our social media accounts, please contact us by e-mail at support@primus.se and we of course will make sure that the materials are removed.

If you have any questions regarding this agreement, please contact us at the above email address.

The law of Sweden applies to this agreement. We always strive to find an amicable settlement to disputes, but if we cannot, the court of Stockholm shall have jurisdiction.


This Data Protection Statement applies to the collection and processing of personal data in the context of the use of the Picture.

1. Name and contact details of the responsible officer/data protection manager

The responsible officer pursuant to Article 4 (7) EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is Primus International AB, Box 209, 891 25 Örnsköldsvik, Sweden hereinafter called the “Company”. You can contact the Company´s data protection manager here or at our postal address with the addition “Data Protection Manager”.

2. Purpose of processing

When we use the Picture, we process the following data from you:

  • Social Media Account Name
  • Image Upload

Your Social Media Account name will solely be used in connection with obtaining your consent to use the Picture. The Picture will be used for marketing purposes as well as for informing about the Company´s activities.

3. Legal basis

The processing of your personal data solely takes place on the basis of your consent, thus pursuant to Art. 6 (1) (a) GDPR. The publication of the Picture on the Company´s websites/Social Media accounts or similar is required for the public relations of the Company, for the marketing of its products and thus serves the legitimate interests of the parties concerned, Art. 6 (1) (f) GDPR.

4. Recipient of the personal data

The Company may also share your information with other entities of the Fenix Outdoor group to be used in accordance with this Data Protection Information, in particular with its affiliate Fenix Outdoor ecom AB.

The legal basis for the Company sharing your information with other entities of the Fenix Outdoor group is Art. 6 (1) (f) GDPR. The Company has a legitimate interest in sharing your information for internal administrative purposes, in particular to centralize storage, optimize our processes, manage administrative tasks, as well as for marketing purposes.

5. Duration of storage of personal data

The data will be deleted as soon as it is no longer required to achieve the purpose of the processing. This is the case if the Picture is no longer used for advertising purposes.

6. Your rights

You have the following rights towards us with regard to your personal data:

– Right to information,
– Right to correction or deletion,
– Right to restriction of processing,
– Right to refusal of processing,
– Right to data portability